There's more than one kind of donut. Pick a lawyer who can solve your special needs.


Business Experience That Makes a Difference

Business Experience That Makes a Difference

Business Experience That Makes a DifferenceBusiness Experience That Makes a DifferenceBusiness Experience That Makes a Difference

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Business/Legal advice You Can Understand & Implement

Your business is special. You need solutions that make business sense, and that you understand. 

Imagine a lawyer worked in oldie's Rock 'n Roll in Philly. 

Think about a lawyer who managed in a big-box retailer. 

I understand  the money. side. I was  Chief Financial Officer for a Dunkin Donut franchise.It's

The bottom line: there's more to business law than what a book says. And if I can't help you solve the problem, I'll connect you to someone who can.


It's all about results

 I was a ball player in my youth. Had a tryout with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Winning is the goal. And learning from mistakes is the path.

If you're a tech company, consider working with a lawyer who wrote big data and decision support software. 

Science is special.  imagine discussing your challenges with a Ph.D. Human Geneticist. 

Let's work together to  come up with a plan to get the results you need. Together, we can put the law to work for you to find  a path to success.


Don't let things pass you by!

Call me. I'll give you a free phone consultation. If I can help you, I'll lay out a path. If I can't, I'll suggest other options. It's time to  figure out what your best next steps are. 

In addition, you get the benefit of my sense of humor - which has my kids shaking their heads. When my daughter Camille was small, she'd say "daddy, make me a peanut butter sandwich." To which I would reply "Poof, you're a peanut butter sandwich." And she would laugh and moan at the same time.

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